Scottish Researchers into Metabolism

Metabolomics is the analysis of all of metabolism - the process by which living organisms grow, reproduce and interact with their environments. Scotland houses world-class groups and facilities from Inverness to East Kilbride, analysing small molecules of biological origin.

Karl Burgess

Chair of the SMN

"I started working in metabolomics eight years ago, with the founding of the Scottish Metabolomics Facility. The field has grown tremendously in a short time, and we are now capable of learning more about metabolism in a much shorter time than ever before. My goal was to bring the incredibly diverse and skilled researchers in this area together, and I'm very excited that Scotland has its own network of collegiate researchers, helping each other to get the best out of their research." 


Quotes from SMN Members

"The field of Cancer Metabolism is rapidly expanding due to recent advances in metabolomics - it's a very exciting time to be involved."

Dr. Andy Finch, SMN Secretary, Chancellor's Fellow, University of Edinburgh

"Mapping pathways by tracking stable-isotopes reveals novel insights and revision of biochemistry on a daily basis"

Professor Ruth Andrew, SMN Treasurer, University of Edinburgh

"We employ global and targeted lipidomic strategies to characterise and quantify a range of lipids. Our research programme is focussed on profiling biochemical responses to provide a comprehensive view of lipid metabolism with the aim of understanding the fundamental mechanisms of physiology and disease"

Professor Phil Whitfield, Lead organiser of SMN Conference 2016, Chair of Lipidomics, University of the Highlands and Islands

"Metabolomics is changing the way we think about biology and medicine."

Professor Mike Barrett, Head of Polyomics, Chair of Biochemical Parasitology, University of Glasgow, SULSA director




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